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Access Control Systems

Access Control systems provide security by limiting access to certain parts within your business, achieved by regulating entry through doors, turnstiles, gates, barriers, etc. We are PSA Licensed to install Access Control Systems in businesses nationwide.

Access control is the most secure management of people as they move within a building or site. Access control systems limit only the right people who are able to enter approved areas at the right times of the day or night.

Having an Access Control System within your household or business can ensure all people involved are safe and secure. People can be easily monitored and different levels of access can be granted to different members of staff etc.

Gaffney Electrical & Fire Alarm Services

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Gaffney Electrical & Fire Alarm Services

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Gaffney Electrical & Fire Alarm Services

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Our Access Control Installation Services


  • Full Access Control System Installation

  • Repairs and Upgrades

  • Keypad, Proximity Readers, Biometric Access

  • Discreet Access Control

  • Seamless Systems

  • Custom Designed System

  • Cabling

  • Gardai & Insurance Requirements


Access Control Maintenance 



  • System Repairs

  • System Upgrades

  • System Integrations

  • Access Plans

  • Testing & Training

  • Security 

  • 24hr Customer Service

  • Call Out Service

Access Control Features


  • Monitor Staff/Workers

  • Ensure Security & Protection

  • Keypad, Fob, Biometric Accessibility

  • Design a System

  • External and Internal

  • Fire Safety Features

  • 'Lock down' Features

  • Controlling Movement Within a Building

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